2021 Scholarships


2021 Scholarship Available

The following scholarships are provided by our valued corporate partners:

3M – This $1,000 scholarship recognizes a student who has consistently demonstrated strong leadership behaviors, has a strong academic record with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, demonstrates high integrity, and is actively pursuing a career in sales.

Apex Systems – This $1,000 scholarship recognizes a student who intends to pursue a career in sales and demonstrates the four core values of every successful Apex Systems employee: will to win, professionalism, do the right thing, and make others better.

Aptive – This $1000 scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplifies the qualities of a leader. Someone who is currently in any sort of leadership role (within or outside of PSE) who is focused on constantly growing to become a better leader in their community and beyond.

Boehringer Ingleim – This $,1500 scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplifies the pillars of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health culture:  Accountability, Agility and Intrapreneurship; as well as a growth mindset and meaningful PSE chapter contributions.

Carew International – This $1,500 scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to pursue a career in professional sales and who demonstrates leadership and personal integrity on campus.

COUNTRY Financial – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who is dedicated to their academic and professional success and is from a chapter in one of the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Alabama, or Georgia.

The Diamond Room – This $1,500 scholarship is sponsored by The Diamond Room’s Managing Partner, Justin Shatto, Alumnus, University of South Dakota. It is awarded to a student who is a true servant leader to those around them and their community, that is continuously thinking outside of the box, and that is looking to pursue a career in sales.

Enterprise – This $1,500 scholarship is awarded to an individual who, like Enterprise founder Jack Taylor, embodies strong values, leadership skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Federated Insurance – This $1,500 scholarship is awarded to a student who has continually demonstrated community, academic excellence, and involvement in his/her chapter.

KEYENCE Corporation – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student that is heavily involved in a PSE chapter that is interested in pursuing sales as a full time career. Preferably a student that is interested in technical sales.

Principal Financial Group – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student of junior status with an aspiring career in sales.

Rite-Hite – This $1,000 scholarship recognizes a student who intends to pursue a career in sales.

Southwestern Advantage – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who has set themselves apart from the competition with a positive attitude for the future of younger generations.

UPS – This $1,500 scholarship is in recognition of an aspiring leader in sales.

Vector Marketing – This $1,500 scholarship is awarded by Vector Marketing to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to community service and intends to pursue a career in sales.

Arno Karl Kleimenhagen, founder of the Marketing Department at UW-Whitewater, grew up in Wisconsin Dells, where he met and married Betty Thomas, his beloved wife of 63 years. Arno’s daughter Louisa was born while he was working toward his MBA at UW-Madison and their son Arno while he was serving as a second lieutenant in Fort Benning, GA. He ran his family’s shoe and clothing business in the Dells, while earning a PhD from UW-Madison and then taught marketing at UW-Milwaukee, until he was invited to form his own department at UW-Whitewater, where a professorship was endowed in his honor.

Arno chartered four student organizations at UW-Whitewater including the Beta Gamma Pi Sigma Epsilon chapter and a Mu Kappa Tau chapter. He was frequently awarded for excellence in his field and, particularly, for his commitment to his students. He served as Beta Gamma’s Faculty Advisor during the seven consecutive years that the chapter was recognized at the Top Gold Chapter.

Arno served as the National Education Vice President PSE, was the PSE National President in 1983, was the National President of Mu Kappa Tau from 1990 to 1992 and served as the National Secretary for the Pi Sigma Epsilon National Educational Foundation. He was recognized by Pi Sigma Epsilon as Honorary Life Member, the highest form of recognition awarded by PSE. He will be deeply missed by his loving wife Betty, brother, Dick, daughter Louisa, son Arno, daughter-in-law Peggy, grandson Ryan and his wife Michelle, and great-granddaughters Nora and Isla, and by many friends and family. This $1,000 scholarship honors is commitment to PSE.

Trenton Haack passed away in October of 2008 leaving behind a long legacy and commitment to PSE. Trenton was a 1994 alumnus of Miami University of Ohio and the PSE Gamma Gamma chapter. Trenton served in various Executive Board positions in the chapter. After graduation, Trenton was Gamma Gamma’s Alumni Advisor for 10 years. He was a three-time recipient of PSE’s National Award – Top Alumni Advisor. Trenton was a member of the PSE National Council since 2001. Most recently, Trenton served as the National Secretary on the Council and was slated to be PSE National President in 2010. Collegians will remember his role leading the case competition at national conventions.  A $1,000 scholarship is provided through donations to the PSE National Educational Foundation in memory of Trenton Haack, for his unwavering dedication to PSE.       

PSE alumna Debra (Baar) Khalil passed away in 2006 after an extended illness.  Debbie graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, with a BBA in 1979.  She was a member and leader of the Beta Gamma Chapter of PSE.  Upon graduation, Debbie worked for PSE HQ as a Field Representative before her successful career in computer programming and systems management.  Throughout her life, Debbie continued her involvement with PSE as an active volunteer, serving several years as the Chairperson of the National Scholarship Program and as a member of the PSE National Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.  A $1,000 scholarship is provided through contributions made to the PSE National Educational Foundation in memory of Debbie Khalil, for her unwavering dedication to PSE.

Dorothy (Jake) Whan established this scholarship in 1989 in the name of her late husband, Tony Whan.  Jake’s substantial contribution has assured this scholarship to be given for many years.  Tony Whan was an advertising executive, a former president of SMEI, and a Professional Director of PSE.  A $1,500 scholarship is awarded with support from Mrs. Jake Whan and PSE alumni members in memory of Tony and in recognition of his avocation of marketing education.

Mu Kappa Tau Scholarship: A $1,000 scholarship, sponsored by the PSE National Educational Foundation to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of a member of Mu Kappa Tau, the National Marketing Honor Society, who is also a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

This $1,000 scholarship funded by the alumni of Pi Sigma Epsilon, is awarded to a student who best exemplifies the principles of PSE and excels both academically and professionally.  Additionally, the recipient is a lifetime member of PSE and displays intentions of post-graduation involvement in his/her fraternity.

This $1,000 scholarship is funded by alumni of the Pro-Am Committee, to be awarded to a student who the Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon has had an impact on their life. The recipient has demonstrated the application of learning to improve self and other chapter members. Student must have participated in Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon in 2019 and/or 2020.

Named for the Greek word meaning ‘friendship’ by three individuals whose love of PSE brought them together as lifelong friends. This $1,500 scholarship recognizes a student who embodies the spirit and founding principles of PSE and is known both within their chapter and the organization to have a commitment and love for the brotherhood and future of the fraternity.

2021 Future Leaders

The PSE Future Leaders Scholarship recognizes freshman and sophomore members of Pi Sigma Epsilon who display the potential to become great Future Leaders of their chapters and of PSE. Each chapter may nominate up to two freshmen and/or sophomores.

Recipients of this honor will be awarded:
– Complimentary registration to the 2021 National Convention
– A personalized Certificate of Recognition
– A feature in our Fall Issue of Dotted Lines
– Participation in PSE’s New Mentorship Program

2020 Scholarship Finalists

Brooks Adams – Miami University
Rob Allen – Central Michigan University
Ethan Allison – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Nicholas Aromando – The College of New Jersey
Ahmed Atari – University of Toledo
Chelsea Barnett – Central Michigan University
Morgan Burnell – Miami University
Matthew Carey – Miami University
Sophia Carson – University of Toledo
Megan Chunias – Miami University
Kaitlyn Dubay – Central Michigan University
Emily Duffy – Kent State University
Katie Edeus – Winona State University
Eden Eisel – Miami University
Raven Ferry-LeClair – Winona State University
Katie Folsom – University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Lizzie Haack – The Ohio State University
Khoi Ho – University of Toledo
Drew Klein – Illinois State University
Kara Kuhnash – The Ohio State University
Jayden Lovell – University of Northern Iowa
Lindsey Mathewson – University of Toledo
Brian McDonald – Miami University
Andrew Nee – The College of New Jersey
Carter Nordman – University of Northern Iowa
Victoria Presser – The College of New Jersey
Nanditha Puravankara Menon – University of Georgia
Jessica Rossignol – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Jacob Sapolin – Ohio University
Daniel Schultz – Ball State University
Ray Silvestri – The Ohio State University
Jacob Smith – University of South Dakota
Kayla Snyder – Ball State University
Devon Soltis – Ohio University
Yosi Talaminaei – University of Maryland
Doryin Thames – University of Toledo
Emma Thompson – Winona State University
Kathleen Van Susteren – Winona State University
Katie Washburn – Illinois State University
Will Ziegert – Miami University

2020 Scholarship Winners

Debbie Khalil Memorial

Kaitlyn Dubay, Zeta Nu – Central Michigan University

Arno Karl Kleimenhagen Memorial

Ethan Allison, Beta Gamma – University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

Trenton Haack Memorial

Brian McDonald, Gamma Gamma – Miami University

Whan Memorial

Emily Duffy, Zeta Xi – Kent State University

Alumni Sponsored

Drew Klein, Delta Omega – Illinois State University


Morgan Burnell, Gamma Gamma – Miami University

Mu Kappa Tau

Jessica Rossignol, Beta Gamma – University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

Brian J. Andersen Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon®

Victoria Presser, Zeta Zeta – The College of New Jersey


Doryin Thames, Epsilon Delta – University of Toledo

Anchor Plastics

Will Ziegert, Gamma Gamma – Miami University

Apex Systems

Devon Soltis, Eta Pi – Ohio University

Aptive Environmental

Kayla Snyder, Epsilon Epsilon – Ball State University

Boehringer Ingleheim

Yosi Talaminaei, Eta Gamma – University of Maryland





Lindsey Mathewson, Epsilon Delta – University of Toledo

COUNTRY Financial

Jayden Lovell, Epsilon Theta – University of Northern Iowa

The Diamond Room

Daniel Schultz, Epsilon Epsilon – Ball State University


Sophia Carson, Epsilon Delta – University of Toledo

Federated Insurance

Khoi Ho, Epsilon Delta – University of Toledo


Andrew Nee, Zeta Zeta – The College of New Jersey


Jacob Sapolin, Eta Pi – Ohio University

Henry Schein

Nicholas Aromando, Zeta Zeta – The College of New Jersey


Eden Eisel, Gamma Gamma – Miami University

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Katie Van Susteren, Zeta Omicron – Winona State University

Principal Financial Group

Rob Allen, Zeta Nu – Central Michigan University

Southwestern Advantage

Ray Silvestri, Gamma Nu – The Ohio State University


Katie Folsom, Zeta Epsilon – University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire

Vector Marketing

Brooks Adams, Gamma Gamma – Miami University

2020 Future Leaders Winners

Ryan Beitzell – University of Georgia
David Budzisz – Carthage College
Stefan Einarson – Winona State University
Jordan Fannin – University of Toledo
Michael Fehrle – Widener University
Julia Fine – Kent State University
Audrey Graves –  Louisiana State University
Emma Greiner – University of South Dakota
Justin Groves – Illinois State University
Krystal Jolly – Ball State University
Clarence Lilley – Indiana University
Max Littlejohn – University of Akron
William Murray – Miami University
Aly Sayre – University of Northern Iowa
Jessica Stoica – Northern Illinois University

Travel Scholarships – Suspended for 2021 Due to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

The PSE National Educational Foundation offered for the third time, the 2020 PSE NEF Convention Travel Scholarship! This program provides funding for PSE members from newly chartered chapters or chapters that have been under-represented at previous conventions due to financial limitations. Mutual of Omaha and Anchor Plastics contribute funding for travel scholarship recipients, who receive complimentary registrations and travel stipends.

SMEF Wisconsin Scholarship

Paid for by a grant from SMEF-Milwaukee (Sales and Marketing Education Foundation), each year we are able to award our PSE members from our Wisconsin chapters complimentary PSE National Convention registrations ($325 value). All PSE collegiate members from UW-Whitewater, UW-Eau Claire, & Carthage College are encouraged to submit applications. Each WI chapter has the opportunity to be awarded up to FOUR complimentary registrations annually!
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