The PSE National Council’s volunteer leaders are responsible for the direction of the organization. The board focuses on governance, policy making and setting a course for the future. The volunteers focus on the mission and strategic goals.

National President

Joe Ashbee
Senior Sales Manager

Executive Vice President

Brian Andersen
Senior Marketing Representative
Federated Insurance

Finance Vice President

Kelsea Kiene
Sales Manager

National Secretary

Ron Poff
Industry Director and Director of Global Marketing
Mar-Bal Inc.

Alumni Vice President

Stephanie Elkins
Regional Account Manager
Community Coffee Company

Collegiate Vice President

Daniel Schultz
PSE Epsilon Epsilon
Ball State University

Educator Vice President

Rand Wergin
Educator Vice President
University of South Dakota

Professional Vice President

Marie Artim
Vice President, Talent Acquisition
Enterprise Holdings

Professional Vice President

Ralph Brigham
Global Director of Campus Relations
Southwestern Advantage

Professional Vice President

Helen Brown
Academic Outreach Manager
Vector Marketing

Professional Vice President

Michael Cheatham
Inspired Solutions & Associates

Professional Vice President

Kenneth Cherry
Alum, Zeta Nu and Past Faculty Advisor
Central Michigan University

Professional Vice President

Dr. Toni Jackson
Faculty Advisor
Southern University

Professional Vice President

Shawn Nash
Attorney-at-Law Partner
Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski & O’Connor, LLP

Professional Vice President

Christa Schulenburg
Corporate Recruiter
APEX Systems

Professional Vice President

Michael Van Grinsven
Director-Field Growth & Development
Northwestern Mutual

Past President

Robb Carlson
Senior Manager
Accenture Digital

Past President

Jon Salvani
Director of Advancement
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

NEF Chairman (Ex-Officio)

Dave Keeling
General Manager, Western United States
Steel Recycling Institute

MKT President (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Darrell Bartholomew
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Penn State Harrisburg

PSE CEO (Ex-Officio)

Joan Rogala
Pi Sigma Epsilon
National Headquarters

Year President
1951-52 Lewis F. Gordon, Sr.
1952-53 Dr. Henry Baker
1953-54 W.C. Sugg
1954-55 Lewis F. Gordon, Sr.
1955-57 William H. Harris, Jr.
1957-59 Lloyd L. Antle
1959-61 Al N. Seares
1961-63 Clifton W. Jacobs
1963-65 J.A. McIlnay
1965-67 Dr. Wayland A. Tonning
1967-68 Dr. Paul Hoffman; Eugene Young
1968-69 Eugene Young
1969-71 Dr. Henry W. Nash
1971-72 James K. McGinley
1972-73 Dr. Carl T. Eakin
1973-74 H. Lee Sisson
1974-75 Dr. Carl T. Eakin
1975-76 Donald L. Hutson
1976-77 Charles W. Parker, Jr.
1977-78 Robert D. Johnannsen
1978-80 Dr. William R. Thomas
1980-81 Robert D. Johnannsen
1981-82 J. Smith Harrison, Jr.
1982-83 Dr. Arno Kleimenhagen
1983-84 Edwin W. Taylor, III
1984-85 Dr. D. A. Barsellotti
1985-87 Barbara A. Mathews
1987-88 Dr. Jerry M. DeHay; Thomas E. Nate
1988-90 Thomas E. Nate
1990-92 Mark E. Khalil
1992-93 Marvin D. Loos
1993-94 Timothy J. Hyland
1994-96 David C. Ferguson
1996-98 Larry W. Bonds
1998-99 Amber G. Wooten
1999-02 David F. Keeling
2002-04 Dr. Michael F. d’Amico
2004-05 Paul R. Schneider
2005-07 Dr. Donald G. Norris
2007-09 Dr. Lois J. Smith
2009-12 Lee Melancon, III
2012-13 Robert E. Carlson
2013-14 Dr. Matthew Bunker
2014-17 Jon Salvani
2017-18 Steve Rogers
2018-19 Joe Ashbee
2019-20 Joe Ashbee
Katapult Marketingboard-members