PSE Inclusivity Statement

Words will never be enough to reconcile the deep brokenness born of injustice and inequality. On behalf of the Pi Sigma Epsilon National Council and Headquarters staff, we affirm publicly that all human beings deserve equal rights and that we stand in solidarity against injustice, racism, inequality and violence at all times.

To foster the change we wish to see in the world, we reflect on who we are as an organization, our creed, and the principles on which our Fraternity was founded:

Pi Sigma Epsilon Creed

I believe in the honor, value, and productivity of the Marketing and Selling Profession.

I will be honorable, sincere and loyal in all relations with my Fraternity, my college, my business and the people I serve.

I fully realize that my rewards, whatever they may be, evolve from my service to others under the guidance and help of God.

I say these words with sincerity:

That I will endeavor to live by the principles of Pi Sigma Epsilon;

That I value and revere the honor of our fellowship;

That I will endeavor to so build myself and so conduct myself that I will bring honor to my Fraternity and to my profession.

Pi Sigma Epsilon Principles

Competition  Confidence

Sincerity         Knowledge

Belief               Work

Character       Skill

Ethics              Wisdom

These tenets of our Fraternity are a calling, a reminder, to affect positive change by choosing to live by the ideals that guide us. If all PSE members are committed to these ideals, we collectively can affect positive change in our profession, on our campuses, in the companies we serve and in the world.

This is where it starts. And within the sphere of influence that is PSE, we will continue to affect positive change by being intentional about making membership, with all associated opportunities and benefits, accessible to a growing and diverse population who seek to serve others through adherence to the principles of Pi Sigma Epsilon. We will continue to educate ourselves and have honest conversations.

We acknowledge that we have a lot of work ahead of us and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how we, as a collective, can contribute to being a part of the solution that will positively impact our chapters, members, workplaces and communities. Please send your thoughts and comments to our CEO at

DEI Resources

We have a compiled a list of resources below that may be useful for individuals at all stages of their DEB journey. Do you have resources to share? Please contact us at

Diversity Calendar 2023

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Glossary
Definition of related terms. Superior resource!

Debiasing: How to Reduce Cognitive Biases in Yourself and in Others
Learning about our own bias is the first step in change, here are the next steps

Microaggressions Black People Deal with All the Time
Looking at things differently, for white readers especially

Coping Mechanisms for Bias in the Workplace
Specific Strategies

How Unconscious Bias Affects Everything You Do
Quick overview of bias and how it works/is driven down

Understanding Empathy: Shallow and Deep Empathy
Quick overview and thoughts on empathy / value of empathy

Understanding Implicit Bias
Brief review of a few bias studies on race and racist impacts

Understanding Unconscious Bias: Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
Clear definitions of the language of inequity

Why Diverse Teams are Smarter
Evidence on value of true diversity in teams. Must Read

Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion and Collusion : Helen Turnbull at TEDxDelrayBeach
TED Talk. Offers straightforward explanation of way bias functions. A good choice for volunteers and others who come into contact with many unlike themselves.

80+ Diversity in the Workplace Statistics You Should Know
Robust and current data on the growing diversity of the nation and the workforce, excellent for anyone but especially boards, advocates.  

Disability Equality Index
Comprehensive report on disability in the workplace, but applies to other types of organizations. Best for more mature DEI groups ready to move beyond most demanded types of inclusion, or those who have higher proportion of disabled persons in their profession. Full of data for benchmarking.

Disability Inclusion in the Workplace: Why It Matters
This article contains very actionable steps for welcoming those with disabilities into any organization.

To Dismantle Anti-Asian Racism, We Must Understand Its Roots
Fact based read on Asian prejudice worth distributing and facilitating a group discussion.

How the model minority myth holds Asian Americans back at work—and what companies should do
Fascinating article on “model minority” bias, and history of Asian/Black relations. Speaks to how even positive bias can impose difficulty and lack of equity.