PSE Dress Code Guidelines

As College Students, we understand having an extensive professional wardrobe can be a challenge. Below are some guidelines to help you determine what is appropriate in different settings and how to get creative with what you already have!  

In any setting, avoid overly large or busy accessories, heels that are four inches or higher, revealing clothing, or any clothing with profanity or offensive imagery or phrases. 

 Tips for Building your Professional Wardrobe on a budget 

  • Borrow from a friend
    Find a friend that is the same size and swap clothes to switch up your look day-to-day at multi-day events.
  • Maximize what have
    Pair a classic suit with a different shirt every day or wear a sweater over an outfit to give it a fresh look.
  • Shop the clearance racks!
    Shop in the clearance sections of professional clothing stores or thrift shops and get items tailored for a few bucks at a local tailor for that “custom-made” look. 
  • Look into rentals
    Check out rental services, like Rent The Runway or Campus   Career Centers, that allow you to pay a fraction of the price as opposed to buying the whole outfit to be worn once.  

 For more information, visit Your Guide To Business Professional Attire (With Examples).

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