MikesBikes Online Marketing Simulation

MikesBikes is an online marketing simulation where teams act as marketing firms to make strategic decisions regarding product promotion and sales. Teams will work together to design a bike, picking features of the bike to appeal to a range of target markets. Each week, a new situation will emerge, and a new decision will made to adapt the team’s strategy. The team whose decision-making gives them the highest shareholder value at the end of the 8-week simulation will be declared the winner.

MikesBikes Competition Trophies will be Awarded for:

  • 1st Place Overall
  • 2nd Place Overall
  • 3rd Place Overall

Winners of Each Division will receive National Recognition.

The top 80 teams from MikesBikes simulations across the globe will be sent an invite for the 2023 MikesBikes World Championships. The World Championships will be conducted in a different format from a traditional MikesBikes Simulation. The championships will be broken into two rounds: a Qualifying Round and a Final Round. The 10 teams with the highest shareholder values will move on to the Final Round. 

No longer taking applications

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Joan RogalaMikesBikes Online Marketing Simulation