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Corporate Mission

As a manufacturer of injection-molded products, we specialize in high-precision plastics, designs, and processes for a variety of markets. We are committed to continual improvement of the products and services we provide. We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs, allowing them and ourselves to prosper and grow.

Our commitment is guided by the following principles:

  • The quality of our products and services comes first.
  • Customers and suppliers are our partners in prosperity.
  • Anchor’s people are its greatest asset.
  • We will all work in a professional manner and to the best of our abilities.

Corporate Objectives

We will all work together as a team to:

  • Be 100% efficient in methods, operations and services.
  • Know our customers and fulfill their needs.
  • Provide 100% defect-free products and services.
  • Deliver all products and services on time.
  • Foster a positive environment that stimulates the creative abilities of individuals, allowing the achievement of personal success and job fulfillment.
  • Furnish a secure place to work and grow in exchange for equitable compensation.
  • Acquire and maintain the highest level of knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of today and tomorrow
  • Be an industry leader in capability and technology.
  • Develop and maintain specific market objectives.
  • Be recognized for our integrity and our positive contributions to our customers, suppliers and community, enhancing Anchor’s image.
  • Increase corporate sales annually and maintain a fair and equitable gross profit to sales.
  • Dedicate ourselves to the research, development and implementation of new technology in the areas of plastics, equipment, and processes.

Corporate Strategies

We will all work together as a team to:

  • Use the most advanced technology, processes, and methods applicable.
  • Accelerate information exchanges within the company and with our customer and suppliers.
  • Provide and promote employee training and education.
  • Determine our customers’ requirements (service, quality, production, engineering, economic, and delivery).
  • Utilize processes that are in control and capable.
  • Utilize self-directed work groups.
  • Involve all employees in the distribution of information and decision-making processes.
  • Create a safe, stable, and comfortable atmosphere in which to work.
  • Incorporate a wage structure which is commensurate to training personal growth, and the individual employee’s contribution to the company.
  • Take an active role in organizations that will enhance our knowledge and understanding of the plastics industry.
  • Share our expertise and knowledge of technological advancements in processes, plastics, and tooling with our customers and suppliers.


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