For over 150 years, the Southwestern Advantage sales and leadership program has offered college students many opportunities such as financial reward, business ownership, personal growth, and travel.

Southwestern Advantage is one of America’s biggest success stories – one college student at a time. Since 1868, college students have realized the benefits of running their own successful business during their summer breaks.
Representatives sell an integrated learning system of reference books, children’s books, CD-ROMs, and subscription websites to families.

In addition to their summer profits, the subscription websites offer year-round income. This residual income allows students to focus on their studies and building their Southwestern Advantage business and leadership skills during the school year.

Our Opportunities

Students start as a summer intern and then can build a very lucrative business by recruiting and training their own team. Once they graduate they have the opportunity to work full-time with Southwestern Advantage. Southwestern Advantage is part of a family of companies that generated over $350 million in revenues last year. Upon graduation, based on their experience in the sales and leadership program, students have the opportunity to join these companies. They include industries such as publishing, financial services, insurance, executive search, consulting, and fundraising. Come see why Southwestern earned a spot on the 2012 Inc. 5000.