Professional Sports Selling Competition

Professional Sports Selling Competition

back by popular demand!

The New York Mets and Milwaukee Bucks sponsored this competition for the first time at the PSE 2021 National Convention. It was so popular that it is back for the 2021 Regional Conference. This competition is completely virtual and does not conflict with any of the other competition dates. This means you can compete in all of the competitions being offered. You must register for the Regional Conference and select this competition to participate.

Prompt – First-Round Video

Deadline Friday, November 12th

BUYER PROFILE  As a NY Mets Sales Representative, you have Michael Brondello on the line. Michael is a long-time NY Mets fan from Whitestone, Queens. He traditionally attends games with his two sons. They love to sit in the outfield and have not missed an opening day in five years.

FIRST-ROUND VIDEO OUTLINE This first-round video must include all three steps. Your video should be 2-3 minutes in length.

STEP 1 –I/My Statement

Start the relationship-building process with Michael. Having learned about the structure necessary to share a successful I/My in order to establish a relationship, please share ONE I/My in response to:

  • What is your favorite sports memory? Why is it so special?
  • What was your first ever sporting event you attended and why was it so much fun?
  • What sport do you love the most? How did you fall in love with it?

STEP 2 – Needs Analysis

Having learned about the importance of asking questions, what exploratory questions would you ask Michael to learn more about him? Ask Michael FIVE questions to begin the needs analysis step.

STEP 3 – Closing and Objections

Having learned about the importance of the face-to-face meeting, schedule a face-to-face with Michael. He will state one of the objections below. Using the strategies learned in Session 3 of the Training video, overcome ONE of the following objections:

  • The season ticket package has too many games, I won’t be able to attend all of them
  • I can’t afford season tickets
  • I am not ready to move forward, I need to check with my friend
  • I would prefer you send me an email

competition details and deadlines

  • Available after Wednesday, October 19th – Training Sessions and Prompt Announced
  • Competitors are required to view the recorded video Training Session delivered by NY Mets and Milwaukee Bucks relationship-building experts!
    • Session I – Introduction to the Prospect and Successful Relationship-Building
    • Session II – Needs Analysis
    • Session III – Closing and Objections 

  • Friday, November 12th – First Round Video Submissions Due
  • Saturday, November 20th, 10:00am CST – All competitors must join this final round. The finalist (4 from each team) will present at this Head-to-Head Final Round. Nick Szpur from the NY Mets and Wes Warner from the Milwaukee Bucks will facilitate this final session.


Competitors must be registered for a Regional Conference.

competition prizes

Player autographed items from the New York Mets and Milwaukee Bucks

2021 Regional Conference Sports Selling Competition Submission

2021 Regional Conference Sports Selling Competition Submission

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