Stand out in job interviews and on campus as a

member of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

Everyone is taking classes. This is how you are going to stand out.

→ Open to ALL ages and majors

→ Experiential learning you can’t get in a classroom

→ Friends and memories that last a lifetime

Attend Life-Changing Events

Attend Life-Changing Events

Network with peers across the country and exchange best practices and form friendships

Build Your Resume

Build Your Resume

Stand out to employers by earning leadership positions and executing projects.

Find Your Place on Campus

Find Your Place on Campus

When asked about the first word that comes to mind about PSE, members overwhelming say “Family.”

Grow Personally and Professionally

Grow Personally and Professionally

You don’t have to be the best, you just need to be willing to put in the work to receive the benefits of PSE.

The Chartering Process

START UP | Pre-Charter Phase

Interest & Application 

  • Group of at least 7 students interested & a Faculty Advisor 
  • Achieve Campus Recognition 
  • Apply at pse.org  
  • Application Fee Paid 

Application Approval 

  • If HQ approves your application, you will receive a Start Up kit with tools for success as you  complete the process 

Start Up Onboarding 

  • Chartering Executive Board Finalized 
  • Recruitment 101 session 
  • Officer Training 
  • 25 members paid  
  • Charter Fee paid 

Plan for Launch 

  • Schedule PSE 101 session 
  • Schedule Charter Date 
  • Ensure all members are paid 2 weeks prior to Charter Date 


History & The Value of PSE 

  • History of PSE  
  • Discuss your Legacy & Traditions  
  • Enhanced Chapter Management (ECM) 

Goal Setting & Bonding 

  • A PSE Alumni visits your chapter  
  • Discuss Goals & Processes 
  • Lead.Grow.Excel. Session

Elections & Officer Roles 

  • Deep Dive Chapter Officer Roles Session 
  • Overview of Election Process 


  • Plan for your first recruitment as an active chapter!  
  • Transition to your full-time Chapter Consultant at HQ 
  • Strategic Planning for your new chapter

Pi Sigma Epsilon Events

National Convention

Meet hundreds of PSE members and alumni for a week of competitions, workshops, and networking. Meet over 40 companies looking to specifically hire PSE members.

Regional Conferences

Held in five locations across the US, its easy and fun to attend a Regional Conference near you. There are sales, speaking, and marketing competitions along with workshops, a career fair, and more… all in a weekend!

Leadership Summit

Two from each chapter or colony is invited to Greenfield, WI to dive deep into what it takes to be a great leader and take your group to new heights.

Local Events

Every chapter plans and executes events or projects that provides real world experiences, develops it’s members professionally, and creates a name for the group at the university.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is it to join Pi Sigma Epsilon?

The initiation fee is $135. Every fall, you must renew your membership dues to continue receiving benefits and attending local meetings, which is $95. You also have the option to pay for a one-time $445 Life Membership, giving you access to all PSE benefits forever and entitles you to $75 off your National Convention registration.


What does a PSE member do every week?

Chapter meetings are held once a week and usually last about an hour. Led by your local chapter’s Executive Board, a meeting can consist of project planning, speakers, networking and more.


What leadership opportunities are available?

Every chapter is structured the same with seven leadership positions: President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Professional Development, Vice President of Public Relations, and Vice President of Human Resources.



    • Application Fee – $250  
    • Chartering Fee – $750  
    • New Member Dues – $135 per member


    • 2023 National Convention Registration

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