Startup Competition Eligibility Guidelines

Startup Competition Eligibility Guidelines

Paid Individuals are eligible to compete to win scholarships and awards. All others will be on exhibition and only eligible for Honorable Mention as a “Friend of PSE” (with a maximum of 1 Honorable Mention per Competition). Startup Groups must register as guests or confirm with PSE Headquarters 14 days prior to the event that they will be competing now as paid members. Subject to the below requirements:

    • Startup Group Application has been submitted & approved by PSE Headquarters
    • Startup Application Fee has been processed ($250)
    • Paid Members must be paid on or before date of registration
      • Confirmation of changes from Guest to Paid Member Registration must be made with PSE Headquarters 14 days prior to the event. Please note that this does not take into account individual competition deadlines & eligibility requirements. Limited to one Exhibition Event per Startup Group.

For questions about Startup Eligibility or the Chartering Process, please reach out to

Learn more about becoming a Startup Group here!

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