Start A Chapter

Make your mark with PSE

Starting a PSE chapter on your campus does not only unlock all the benefits of PSE, but allows you to leave a lasting legacy long after you graduate as a founding member. The process is easy as 1 - 2 -3!

Build your Leadership Team

Begin Startup Onboarding

Plan for Launch

Ready to get started?

build your leadership team.

Gather a group of interested students and reach out to us to get the process started!

  • Gather a group of at least 7 interested students
  • Secure the support of a Faculty Advisor
  • Achieve Campus Recognition

Begin New Chapter Onboarding.

Connect regularly with PSE National Headquarters Staff to build your PSE Knowledge and have one-on-one Leadership coaching.

  • Receive Chapter Name
  • Finalize Chartering Executive Board
  • Weekly Cadence with PSE HQ
  • Complete Chapter Report

Plan for Launch.

Plan for success as a new chapter and officially become part of the PSE Family!

  • Schedule Charter Date & Location
  • New Chapter Kick-Off Call
  • Get Involved with PSE on a National Level!

Member Benefits

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) is the only national co-ed professional fraternity in the field of sales, marketing, and sales management. We currently have nearly 60 chapters nation-wide and, with the recent rapid expansion in sales programs around the country, we are expanding fast. PSE offers students a national affiliation that has benefits far beyond what a local group would be able to take advantage of by itself. Through PSE, students can gain real world experience while networking with other students and companies from around the country.


With your membership in Pi Sigma Epsilon not only do you receive a “Business Advantage for Life,” you receive additional benefits and discounts from our corporate partners.

Student Competition Eligibility Rules

Paid Individuals are eligible to compete to win scholarships and awards. All others will be on exhibition and only eligible for Honorable Mention as a “Friend of PSE” (with a maximum of 1 Honorable Mention per Competition). Startup Groups must register as guests or confirm with PSE Headquarters 14 days prior to the event that they will be competing now as paid members. Subject to the below requirements:

  • Startup Group Application has been submitted & approved by PSE Headquarters
  • Startup Application Fee has been processed ($250)
  • Paid Members must be paid on or before date of registration
    • Confirmation of changes from Guest to Paid Member Registration must be made with PSE Headquarters 14 days prior to the event. Please note that this does not take into account individual competition deadlines & eligibility requirements. Limited to one Exhibition Event per Startup Group.

For Questions About Startup Eligibility Or The Chartering Process?