Starting a Chapter


Grow real sales and marketing experience while in college so you can get hired to your dream job.



Develop skills and create experiences that will stand out to employers. Executing profitable projects and winning competitions and scholarships give members experiential learning not available in a classroom.


Make lifelong friends and memories by building relationships with members in your school and across the country at national events.


Leave a legacy on your campus by becoming a founder of a nationally recognized organization that caters to developing professional leadership skills in students of all ages and majors.

“What initially started as an idea to create another professional fraternity on campus ended up as an opportunity to make amazing friends, partake in incredible experiences, and leave a legacy on campus that is thriving even after my graduation.”

Anton Leontyev

University of Maryland, Eta Gamma Chapter Founder

Colony Development Guide

Everything you need to know about Pi Sigma Epsilon and starting a colony can be found in our Colony Development Guide.

Email for more information about:

  • The different phases of a colony
  • A sample semester schedule that will bring a group of students to a chartered chapter in 16 weeks (but you can go as fast or as slow as you want!)
  • Explanations of each Executive Board position and their responsibilities
  • Examples of profitable projects PSE chapters have executed
  • much more!


The Quick List of How to Start a Chapter

Contact to register as a colony before starting the steps below so PSE HQ can help support you and approve the use of our name, imagery, etc.

Step 1: Secure the Support from a Faculty Member Who Will Serve as Advisor for the Chapter

Support from a faculty advisor is vital to the success of the chapter.  Their guidance, advice, and connections within the university’s School of Business will be an integral part of your chapter’s chartering.

Step 2: Get a Group of Students Interested

PSE requires that each new chapter have at least 25 members for its chartering class.  Of those 25, 20 cannot graduate in the semester that you finish your chartering.  For example, if you finish your chartering process in November, 20 of your 25 new members cannot graduate in December.

Step 3: Apply to Become a Chapter

Dean’s Letter of Support—In each step of your process, the administrators of the university need to be fully aware of the organization and the steps is taking.  After the Dean approves, have him or her write a letter of endorsement to PSE HQ. Click here for a sample.

Register Organization with Student Activities Office (or equivalent)—Each campus has different requirements for students wishing to register a new organization, so make sure you are aware of their unique processes.  PSE HQ can provide you with a set of model chapter bylaws.

Fill out Chapter Chartering Application and sent to PSE HQ’s Development Manager—The Chapter Application needs to be filled out for our records and for approval by our National Council.

Elect a Chapter Executive Board—Each chapter is run by a management team of officers.  When PSE HQ representatives come to install your chapter, they will also bring officer training materials.

  • Time Commitment: 4-8 hours in Norfolk, VA at the 2020 National Convention
Step 4: Register Student Members and Pay Fees Through Online PSE Member Portal – MemberSuite

It is required that each member pay their dues ($135) and register as new members. The chapter must also pay the $500 Chapter Chartering Fee before the chapter can be formally installed.

Step 5: Schedule Installation and Training Date with PSE HQ Representative(s) and Conduct Official Chartering of the Chapter

Congratulations!  When you’ve reached this step, you’re ready to be installed as a new PSE chapter.

During your training, all officers will be formally trained, you will learn all necessary functions of running a successful PSE chapter, begin writing your chapter’s first Annual Strategic Plan, and end your day with your chapter membership initiation ceremony and chapter installation.

  • Time Commitment: 3+ hours of development, 1 hour onsite, any applicable travel time

Ready to Apply to Become a Chapter

If you have completed all the steps above, click the button to open the Chapter Charter Application.

Want more information?

Contact us today if you are interested in starting a chapter or have any questions about the process. Email, call 414-328-1952 or fill out the contact form below.

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