Put Your Sales Skills to the Test

The Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon® National Sales Competition is a year-long competition to train and develop our students in all aspects of the sales process, not just in preparing them to make one sales call.

Partners participate by serving as coaches and judges of the competition at our Regional Conferences and National Convention. The year-long approach also emphasizes that the pursuit of sales excellence is a journey, not a destination.

We strive to help students understand the value of approaching sales as a deliberate and repeatable process. Competitors must study and perform throughout the school year in order to garner the top prizes and be called the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon® winner.

Pro-Am Introduction and Facts



First Place:
1st Place Trophy
Complimentary PSE National Convention
Registration packet ($450 value)
Reimbursement for airfare or
driving expenses to National Convention

Second Place:
2nd Place Trophy
Complimentary PSE National Convention
Registration packet ($450 value)

At Regionals of 45 competitors or more, 3rd & 4th Place will be recognized with trophy.


First Place through Fifth Place – Trophy and National Recognition


First Place of the Yearlong competition – Trophy + $1,500

Second Place of the Yearlong competition – Trophy + $1,250

Third Place of the Yearlong competition – Trophy + $1,000

Fourth Place of the Yearlong competition – Trophy + $750

Fifth Place of the Yearlong competition – Trophy + $500

For additional questions, please email the Pro-Am Committee at proam@pse.org or Joan.Rogala@pse.org or call PSE HQ at 414-328-1952.




The Pi Sigma Epsilon Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon was founded in 1992 to provide your business advantage for life. This event is designed to develop professional sales and communication skills, as well as connect students with top companies offering internship and career opportunities.

The Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon is held at both the Regional Conferences and the National Convention. The competition is centered around a video call and 12-minute role-play simulating real-life business scenarios. Prior to the event, competitors are provided Dimensions of Professional Selling training modules from Carew International. Once on-site, competitors will receive industry leading training led by a Carew International facilitator as well as a coaching session with industry leading sales professionals!

The Pro-Am is the largest sales competition in the nation, with a history of up to 275 competitors from 35 universities. This hallmark event is an outstanding avenue to develop lifelong skills and connect with PSE’s 35 Corporate Members. You will not regret this opportunity to network, learn about career opportunities, and develop skills that will aid in any career!

A Focus on Your Development:

The Pro-Am exists first and foremost to help you. Whether this will be your 1st or 7th competition, the Pro-Am is specifically designed to provide you with the opportunity to grow, develop your professional network, and build skills that will help you be successful in any career. From the industry leading sales training to the judges feedback sessions, the competition is designed to help you conquer any fears and develop skills you will use for a lifetime.

A Yearlong Competition Component:

Two competitions, three ways to win! You have an opportunity to compete at two competitions: one at the Regional Conferences in the Fall and one at the National Convention in the Spring. Everyone has an equal chance at winning the Regional or National Competition, but those who have excelled at both will be recognized as the best of the best.

The Pro-Am offers students a multitude of opportunities to enhance selling skills, learn to perform under pressure in a competitive environment, and dispel negative perceptions associated with a career in selling. The Pro-Am is unique just in the name itself: pairing Sales Professionals with Amateur students to coach, mentor and judge. On the day of competition, the students are provided one of a kind trainings by Carew International, the Pro-Am Committee, and corporate members to ensure they feel confident and prepared to complete their 12 minute roleplay.

In addition to gaining these soft skills that put them ahead of the competition in the job market, students are exposed to unique internship and full-time offers by our members. Just by competing in the Pro-Am, a student can land the career of their dreams!

The Pro-Am is scored based on a comprehensive criteria sheet created based on the Carew sales methodology. The score is completely quantitative, out of 100 possible points, with the top scoring students in each room being named a finalist.

Prior to the Competitions: Competitors will submit a short video call simulating reaching out to the decision maker to secure a meeting. Video communications is an essential skill and growing business trend, as such – it is a prerequisite to the competition on-site.

At Regionals: The top competitor from each room will move onto a 2nd Round of competition, and the Top 2 from each room will be recognized with finalist status. The students are then scored by a set panel of highly experienced judges. These judges will review and score the finalists roleplay videos, and the winners will be announced at Saturday night’s ceremony.

At the National Convention: The Top 2 competitors from each room will move on and complete a second sales call. In Round 2, students will meet the higher-level decision-maker and try to win the sales. The top competitor from each room will then compete in a 3rd and final round, with a sales situation revealed to competitors one hour before they compete. The National Convention competition and Yearlong competition winners will be announced at Friday night’s ceremony.

The sales call is designed to help students prepare for selling in the professional world.

Each student is evaluated on their ability to successfully progress through the sales process and obtain commitment in a 12-minute selling simulation. Each role play is judged by a panel of sales professionals who are also in the competition room. To support continued skill development, each role play is recorded so that the student competitor can review it at the conclusion of the event (or share with recruiters, if desired). The competitor will receive immediate coaching from judges as well as the quantitative scores captured on the scoresheet after the competition.